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General Testing FAQs

Which placement tests should I take?

Please visit our Interactive Tool, which will help you determine which placement tests you should take.

When will the test dates be up?

The Testing Center has test dates for the current quarter listed under “Current Test Dates.” Towards the end of the quarter, the new dates for the following quarter will be updated under that link. However, you will not be able to enroll for the following quarter’s tests until Week 1 of that quarter.

Is there a fee for my placement test?

For most exams, there are no fees if you are a UCI Student: Language exams (unless we have to order them, then there may be a deposit). The Academic English exam (AE) requires the purchase of a blue book. The Physics online exam requires a $25 fee. The Analytical Writing Placement Test (AWPE) does require a fee. You must pay for this exam before the exam day and you must bring proof of payment with you on the exam day. Registering for this exam and paying for it are done separately. You will register normally through our website, and you will go to the Analytical Writing Placement Examination website to pay for it after registration. If you believe you have a fee waiver, this information can also be found on the above website. Please do not forget to bring proof of payment to the exam.

When can I sign up for exemption exams?

For our scheduled exemption exams sign-ups will be during Week 2 of every quarter. The scheduled exams are held during week 3 of the academic year. You must come in person to our office with two photo IDs to sign up for the exam. If we do offer the language you desire, we might be able to order an exam from another university or get you in touch with a UC faculty member who than can administer the exam for you. This too requires time and research, so requesting your exam at the start of the quarter is strongly advised. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to locate a test for your desired language.

Language Placement Testing

Which placement tests should I take?

Please visit our Interactive Tool, which will help you determine which placement tests you should take.

When should I take a language placement test?

You must take your language placement test at least one quarter before the quarter that you want to take the course. For example, if you would like to take a Spanish course during Spring quarter, you should complete the placement test by previous winter quarter. If you are looking to only clear a language requirement, you may take the test at your discretion, but please keep in mind the longer you wait the less time you will have to take a course in case you do not place into your desired level.

I have no prior knowledge of ____ language, do I have to take the placement test?

For Chinese, Japanese, and Korean only: You may get exempt from taking the language placement test. Please review the list of questions on the testing web site under one of these specific tests. If you answer "NO" to the list of questions, you must still come to our office with your UCI ID and a valid government ID, where you will be given the background survey. After that depending on the language you want to get exempt from, you may or may not have to take an oral interview, so be sure to read the guidelines under the specific language.

For Spanish: Students without previous background in Spanish must take a copy of their high school transcript to their academic counselor to activate their eligibility to enroll in SPAN 1A.

Writing Placement Testing

Which placement tests should I take?

Please visit our Interactive Tool, which will help you determine which placement tests you should take.

Which Writing Test should I take?

There are two writing tests used at UCI. The first is the Analytical Writing Placement Test (AWPE). This exam is usually required of all incoming non-international students unless you are otherwise exempt. The other exam is the Academic English exam (AE) which tests your reading level as well as your writing level. This exam is usually required of International students or students who have scored less than 30 on the ACT, English Language Arts.

I’m an incoming freshman and I got a letter saying I need to take the AWPE in May but I cannot make it on that day. Can I make the test up somehow?

Yes, we will have various testing dates throughout the summer on the UCI campus and during welcome week in September. Please check back in mid-June for dates.

ALEKS Calculus Placement Exam

I just took the ALEKS Calculus Placement Exam. When can I enroll for my Math class?

Please allow 2 business days before enrolling into your math course. Once your placement score is available online through our “Check Results” portal, you should be able to enroll. Exams completed during a school break/holiday will be scored after the break.

Can I take the exam more than once?

Yes, but please allow 48 hours in between each attempt at the assessment. You will need at least a 80% to be cleared for Math 2A.

Non-UCI Students

I’m a non-UCI student who needs an exam proctored for my university/online class. Can your office help me?

Yes, we can! We require that your professor and/or university send us all exam materials prior to the exam date. You may then make an appointment with us. If you need us to fill out any verification forms, you can send it to our email (testcenter@uci.edu). We do charge a fee for our proctoring services. We only accept CASH or CHECKS payable to UC Regents as forms of payment.

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