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UC Analytical Writing Placement Exam

Upon entrance to the University, every undergraduate must demonstrate an acceptable level of ability in English composition. One way this requirement can be met after admission is by passing the University of California Analytical Writing Placement Exam. All students are required to take the Analytical Writing exam unless they have satisfied the University of California Entry Level Writing Requirement in another way (see "Who is exempt?" below). The exam places students into one of three categories:

• Entry Level Writing Requirement satisfied — placement into Writing 39B or Humanities 1A
• Entry Level Writing course required — placement into Writing 37, 39A, 39AP with LAB, or Humanities 1A (S/A)
Academic English Test required. Depending on the results of this test, Academic English (AE) courses may be required before the student is eligible to enroll in any entry level writing course.

Detailed information about the exam may be found at www.ucop.edu/elwr/index.  If you have been admitted to UCI for fall quarter 2020 and have not met the Entry Level Writing Requirement by April 1, you will receive correspondence directing you to a test center near your home or high school.  If you do not receive such notification by May 1, please call (833)404-5001Note:  The Analytical Writing Placement Exam is scheduled for Saturday, May 09, 2020.

You are strongly advised to take the Analytical Writing Exam in May.  However, if you are unable to do so, then you make take it at UCI during summer or during Welcome Week. If you take the test during Welcome Week, you should plan to enroll in your first writing course in winter quarter rather than fall quarter, since Writing 39A and 39B courses are usually filled by Welcome Week. This exam may not be repeated.

You must complete the Entry Level Requirement before the beginning of your fourth quarter at UCI and before taking courses to satisfy the UCI lower-division breadth requirement in Writing (Category I). Students placed into an Academic English writing course must satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement immediately following the satisfactory completion of Academic English 20C (the final Academic English writing course).

Who is exempt?

You may complete the Entry Level Writing requirement before entrance to UCI and be exempted from the test if you have completed one of the options listed below:

  • 30 or better on the ACT, English Language Arts; or

  • 30 or better on the ACT, Combined English/Writing (last administered June 2015); or

  • 680 or better on the SAT, Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing*; or

  • 3 or above on either Advanced Placement Examination in English; or

  • 5 or above on an International Baccalaureate Higher Level English A: Literature exam (formerly known as Higher Level English A1 exam)

  • 6 or above on an International Baccalaureate Standard Level English A:Literature exam (formerly known as Standard Level English A1 exam)

  • 5 or above on an International Baccalaureate Higher Level English A: Language and Literature exam

  • 6 or above on an International Baccalaureate Standard Level English A: Language and Literature exam.

* UC is accepting a score of 680 or better on the SAT, Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing to satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement on a pilot basis, beginning with new students entering UC in Fall 2020. The pilot will remain in effect until a new policy is adopted by the Academic Senate.

The requirement can also be met by earning a grade of C or higher in an acceptable English composition course offered by a college or university.

For more information on composition courses that satisfy the Analytical Writing requirement, contact the UCI Admissions Office at (949) 824-6703.).

Am I charged for this test?

Yes. There is a $110 non refundable administrative fee associated with this examination which you must pay. The fee may be waived or partially waived if you received a waiver for the UC admission application fee. Fee payment is available online only! Click here to go to the payment page. When you complete the online payment you will have the opportunity to print a receipt. The receipt will also be sent to the e-mail address you enter. Save the proof of payment and bring it with you to the exam.

***Beginning in April, UCOP will eliminate the $20 reduced fee  that was assigned to some students based on family size/income. Now all students who receive an admission application fee waiver will also have their AWPE fee waived.****

What happens after the exam?

If you have taken the exam in May, you should check for updates using the MyAdmissions Application link found on the Admissions web page in June to check your results. By late June, students can check their precise course placement through the Academic Testing Center web site (click on "Check Results"). Some students who have not passed the test may receive a letter indicating they must take the Academic English Placement Test. Results from the July test dates will be available online by early August. If you take the writing exam in September, results will be available online by the middle of the first week of classes. If you have questions regarding the May exam, please call (833)404-5001.

How long are the test results valid?

The results are valid for your entire academic career at UCI. You may take the test only once. Please be advised that if you take the test more often than allowed, your new results will not be reported.

Are sample items available?

Yes. The University of California Office of the President web site have sample essays. You may access the site here http://www.ucop.edu/elwr/sample.html.